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The Prime Cut Butcher Shop
2817 Dublin Blvd.
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The Prime Cut Butcher Shop |2817 Dublin Blvd.Colorado SpringsCO80924 | (719) 999-5423

Our Poultry Products

Top Products from Koch Foods

Only the most nutritious poultry and eggs are stocked at The Prime Cut Butcher Shop. We’re a respected source for the freshest poultry products in the state. Our superior ingredients turn your recipes into crowd-pleasing favorites. Come visit us today to fulfill your restaurant or individual needs!

We Carry The Following Poultry Products:

  • Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Boneless Skin-on Breast
  • Whole Body
  • Leg Quarters
  • Wings
  • Split Chickens

What Makes Our Products Superior?

We are proud to partner with Koch Foods, the largest poultry processor in the United States, for all our chicken and eggs. Koch Foods follows a stringent set of standards for raising their chickens, which results in a superior taste every time. Thanks to their vast resources and vertical integrations, they are an industry leader in poultry production.

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