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The Prime Cut Butcher Shop
2817 Dublin Blvd.
Colorado SpringsCO 80924


The Prime Cut Butcher Shop |2817 Dublin Blvd.Colorado SpringsCO80924 | (719) 999-5423

Our Pork Products

Choose from a wide range of pork cuts and products at our butcher shop! All our pork comes from pigs that have been fed a grain-based and nutrient-packed diet for the best quality, color, and flavor possible. Our master butchers trim and chill our pork at optimal temperatures to lock in that juiciness and tenderness. Every pork chop, roast, and set of ribs here meets the highest quality standards. 

Our superior taste is thanks in part to Iowa Gold, which supplies us with our pork and raises their animals with only quality in mind. Iowa Gold’s processing standards emphasize animal health and safety above all for the most wholesome and safe pork possible. 

*prices based on market value

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(719) 999-5423

item imageBaby Back Ribs
item imageBone-in Butt
item imageBoneless Center Cut Chops
item imageBoneless Loin Roast
item imageBreakfast Sausages
item imageCountry Style Ribs
item imageCrown Roast
item imageDiced Pork
item imageGround Pork
item imagePork Steak
item imageSkin on Belly
item imageSkinless Belly
item imageSt. Louis Ribs
item imageTenderloin Roast

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